Zoella and Gabby
YouTube vloggers Zoella and Gabby often featured in each others videos until their falling out YouTube screenshot

They had one of the most enviable friendships in the vlogging world, so fans were understandably shocked when YouTube stars Zoella and Gabby had a massive falling out. After nine months of rumours, Gabby has finally broken her silence on what caused the pair to end their relationship.

In a 28-minute vlog entitled Honesty, Gabby – real name Gabriella Lindley – begins by explaining what sparked her Twitter feud with Zoella's boyfriend Alfie Deyes – better known as PointlessBlog – in March 2014.

"We had differing views on an app called Vessel. I really don't like it, I'm very against it and I don't think it's a good thing to do. Myself and Alfie had a disagreement on Twitter and people have blown that so out of proportion, we don't hate each other, at least from my end I don't hate him. We just had a disagreement that's all. We are not these enemies that everybody is saying that we are, it's got ridiculous now. It was just a disagreement."

Vessel is a platform where viewers can pay to watch exclusive videos from top YouTubers. It had been suggested that Deyes, along with other vloggers like Tanya Burr, Marcus Butler and Caspar Lee, would be using the app to share their clips, but Alfie denied this during his Twitter argument with Gabby.

In floods of tears, the 21-year-old Gabby then goes on to address, at length, what caused her falling out with Zoella, real nam Zoe Sugg. "Sometimes people just grow apart. I classed her as my absolute best friend. She was the first person who welcomed me, not only to Brighton but in their life because I didn't have friends until I met her."

Watch Gabby's Honesty vlog:

Gabby was the subject of intense backlash from Zoella's fanbase when she began appearing in her daily vlogs in October 2014, with many accusing her of piggybacking the UK's leading vlogger to achieve fame and boost her own YouTube channel. Gabby admits that she distanced herself from the lifestyle blogger to avoid the criticism.

She explains: "It's not very nice to admit you're probably the reason a friendship ended. I never meant for it to end. I think part of it is down to the fact that I've tweeted things in the past that are not about Zoe and Alfie but viewers have kind of made them about them, which is not cool at all.

"I was having probably the best time I'd ever had in my life last July and August with Zoe and with Alfie... I never wanted to use Zoe. I never asked to be in a video. I'm extremely grateful that I was in her videos."

During the clip, Gabby admitted that she would like to reconcile with Zoella as she misses their friendship. Fans are now making it their mission to repair their bond, although Zoella is yet to respond. Since joining YouTube in February 2013, Gabby has amassed more than 646,000 subscribers.