Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift will reportedly tie the knot with DJ Calvin Harris in August 2016 Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images

American singer/songwriter Taylor Swift reportedly does not want close friend model Kendall Jenner to "attend her wedding" because of the latter's relationship with One Direction singer Harry Styles. Swift may tie the knot with Calvin Harris in summer this year. The couple recently celebrated their one-year anniversary on an undisclosed island.

"Kendall irritated Taylor recently by cavorting with her ex [Harry Styles]," a close friend of Taylor said, according to HollywoodLife. "Taylor just doesn't want any drama on her big day," the insider added.

"They'd like to get married as soon as August," another source told the magazine. "It's all happening really fast. She finally feels settled."

"Even though they still have this crazy, bicoastal lifestyle, she says, 'Wherever Calvin is, that's my home'," the source continued. The magazine also reported that Swift and Harris will be heading to Hawaii for their wedding.

Swift was upset when Kendall was reportedly dating Styles. HollywoodLife previously quoted a source as saying: "Taylor hates to hear about Harry being with anyone else. It's not that she's still in love with him or anything, but her whole relationship with him was kind of a blow to her ego. He had such a wandering eye and he was such a flirt that she was always on edge.

"Plus, he always made it clear that he loved exotic women with dark hair and dark eyes, so the fact that he's dating Kendall Jenner hasn't exactly made her feel awesome."

Kendall would be crushed if Swift does not invite her to the wedding as she has been one of the singer's best friends. Kendall was recently rumoured to be dating rapper Chris Brown, but people close to the two had denied that they were looking to anything more than friendship.