Far-right figurehead Tommy Robinson claims he has received more than 200 death threats in the wake of the running battles in Woolwich that followed the slaughter of a soldier near the barracks.

Robinson, the leader of the English Defence League (EDL), was at the forefront of a 150-strong mob which took to the streets of Woolwich to protest against the beheading of the soldier on Wednesday. He had earlier called for "feet on the streets" to protest against the murder and what he perceives as the menace of Islamic extremism.

Following the attack Robinson, otherwise known as Stephen Lennon, has used Twitter to paint himself as a victim of hatred and persecution.

He tweeted: "Since last night I've had countless threats to cut my head off. I have [contacted] police over 200 death threats. No arrests."

Robinson also replied to a message from rapper Professor Green condemning the protest violence. "Been given 4 Osman warnings from police to say my family are in danger. I've lived under armed guard. All because I dare to."

Osman warnings are issued by police when they have intelligence that a person's life is at risk.

The EDL leader also tweeted a selection of the threats he has received.

BornSinner tweeted to Robinson: "If I ever see you I swear to God I'll make sure im the one that kills you".

Another user, Dan Ullah, wrote: "I'd love someone to stick you in a boot of a car an drop you off in the middle of Bradford you c**t."

Realistswitz told Robinson: "If I ever catch you I'll be doing Woolwich all over again f**king scumbag", while a user under the handle :(( ‏@2u_x said: "Well, how I wish I can behead you."

Robinson told his Twitter followers:"We need strong leadership, not cowards who are begging petrol dollars and wanting a block Islamic vote. We need a leader not an appeaser.

"I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees. Stand up for what u believe. Never be intimidated by anyone #english #nosurrender."

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