United Arab Emirates
The UAE army. Reuters

The United Arab Emirates has issued a warrant of arrest for two men who posted a video online of them dancing while donning military uniforms. It is not clear what type of dance the men were doing but in traditional UAE dance, men often show off their rifle spinning techniques.

Prosecutors have accused the two men of "making outrageous physical movements that did not respect the uniform, the morale and the value of national service." Further, they added, the video was "an insult to the honour of military service."

They complained that "some irresponsible persons were behaving improperly and in a manner that was certainly contemptuous of the local community which looked to its armed forces with deep respect and veneration.

The UAE is part of a coalition that is battling the Houthi rebel movement in Yemen for almost nine months. The BBC said that the country's armed forced had suffered dozens of casualties and this has apparently made the authorities sensitive to the way the armed forces are portrayed.

The Gulf News quotes the authorities as saying that the two men made obscene gestures but did not elaborate. It said it was forced to "confront such offensive behaviour in order to deter all those who are tempted to disrespect military values and the stature of the army in society."

The New Arab noted that the UAE recently introduced compulsory national service for its male citizens aged between 18 and 30. Serving in the army is optional for women.