Jews across the UK suffered the most anti-Semitic abuse ever recorded in 2014 as violence in Israel and Gaza escalated.

A new report revealed the number of racist attacks on the Jewish community had more than doubled to 1,168 in 2014.

The figure was a record high in the UK, according to Community Security Trust (CST), which has monitored attacks on Jews since 1984.

More than half of the incidents were reactions to the conflict in Israel and Gaza, which escalated during 2014 as each side accused the other of aggression.

The largest spike was in London, where the number of incidents rose by 137% to 583. Greater Manchester saw 309, a 79% increase.

Responding to the report, the Metropolitan Police Service said there were a number of reasons for the hike in the capital including, "a growing willingness of victims to report hate crime, an improved awareness of MPS staff in identifying these offences; and work with partners to support victims.

"World events can also contribute to a rise in hate crime, as can high profile Jewish events in the UK."

The report detailed shocking details on anti-Semitic attacks across the country, including a victim being beaten with a baseball bat in London, a Scottish boy who sprayed deodorant onto a Jewish girl in his school while saying, "Gas the Jews", and Jewish car owners having swastikas etched into their vehicles in Hertfordshire.

David Delew, chief executive of the trust, said the increase showed anti-Semitism had "erupted into race hate abuse, threats and attacks".

Some of the incidents reported to the CST included

An act of "extreme violence" where a victim was called a "Jewish c***" and then hit with a glass and a baseball bat in London.

A Jewish man cycling to a synagogue in Manchester was knocked off his bike and kicked on the ground while his attackers called him a "Jew".

In Edinburgh, a 12-year-old boy sprayed deodorant onto a Jewish girl in his school year while saying, "Gas the Jews".

In Manchester, five cars with pro-Palestinian banners drove through a Jewish area shouting abuse and throwing eggs and cans at pedestrians.

In Hertfordshire, several cars in the same road, which were owned by Jewish residents, had swastikas scratched onto them.

In London, two men entered a Kosher restaurant, made a Nazi salute and shouted: "Heil, Adolf Hitler" before grabbing a diner in a bear hug.

In Norfolk, a leaflet placed among Israeli produce in a supermarket read: "Deny the Holocaust? Of course there was a Holocaust. What a pity Adolf and Co. didn't manage to finish the job properly!"