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Rocket League, Counter Strike: GO and Street Fighter 5 Psyonix / Valve / Capcom

Gfinity, the UK's leading eSports promoter and organiser, has announced that Rocket League will be joining Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Street Fighter 5 as the trio of eSports titles it will be hosting for the first time later this year.

The three games will be part of Gfinity's Challenger Series, which allows amateur players to sign up and compete for a chance to make it to the Elite Series and play against the professionals.

Gfinity CEO Neville Upton said in a statement that introducing the new games "will guarantee the very best action and entertainment for those playing and watching the Elite Series".

"There is tremendous, world-class competitive gaming talent in the UK, and the Gfinity Elite Series is going to provide the platform for this talent to showcase their skills to the world.

"We want more gamers playing harder and better at the top level to showcase new home-grown talent to existing pro teams and ultimately pave the way for more UK pro teams being formed that can go on and compete at global events."

Rocket League, Counter Strike: GO and Street Fighter 5 are three of the biggest and most popular eSports titles in the world, and are welcome additions to the Gfinity fold. The company has to date primarily hosted tournaments focusing on Call of Duty and Fifa.

Gfinity runs and owns the UK's only dedicated eSports arena in London, the Gfinity Arena at Fulham Broadway's Vue Cinema, but the company also organises other events around the country.

The Challenger Series will run for five weeks from today (27 March) before the Elite Series kicks off on 26 May, running for 10 weeks.

It starts today, but players can still sign up to compete, with victory earning "G-Points" that determine who ranks highest and will make it to the Elite Draft, where further competition will decide who joins the pros.

To promote the news, Gfinity created three short videos on each game, which you can watch below.

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