A student has been convicted over biting a woman on her bottom and thigh during sex on St Valentine's Day.

Samuel Price, 24, was charged with physical assault on Elizabeth Sandlin, 20, on 14 February in Higher Kinnerton, Chester.

The couple had known each other for over a year and Price had never previously engaged in a violent sexual act.

They had exchanged text messages throughout the day and Price later invited Sandlin to his home.

Upon arriving, Price picked up Sandlin slamming her head on the kitchen door and laid her down on his bed.

He the removed the cover off his broken leg and threw it in her direction, striking Sandlin's nose. However, she ignored this, thinking it was an accident.

The biting followed next and despite trying to stop him, Price continued.

"It carried on for a long time and she did not recall how many times he bit her," said Prosecutor Rhian Jackson, reported The Mirror.

Price indulged in biting, pulling Sandlin's hair, holding her neck and choking her among other charges.

Sandlin confessed to the court that she could have left at any time but chose not to out of fear.

"I trusted someone I should not have trusted. He was very drunk, blind drunk. He completely overstepped the mark. I was shocked," said Sandlin.

The victim eventually waited till Price went to sleep before taking a taxi home and calling the police.

Damian Sabino who was defending said: "Rough and playful sex was part of their relationship.

"She says she wants him to know that he has done wrong. He certainly does. It appears that he went too far and he is certainly paying the price."

Price who denied the assault charge saying he believed Sandlin was enjoying the act was put on a 12-month community work order. He was also ordered to pay Sandlin £200 and a costs bill of £850.

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