Woman poses as man
Woman uses prosthetic penis to deceive and have sex with her blindfolded friend. Twitter

A woman who posed being a man to sleep with her friend was found guilty of sexual assault. The 25-year-old used a prosthetic penis to deceive her friend into believing she was a man. Gayle Newland also admitted to creating a fake Facebook profile by the name of Kye Fortune to contact her friend in 2011.

Newland, however, denied that any of the sexual acts were forced and told the court that her friend knew that she was a woman and alleged the acts were part of role play.

She further claimed that contrary to what the victim alleged a blindfold was never used.

The victim had alleged that Kye insisted on her wearing a blindfold whenever they met since she claimed she had car accident injuries and scars that she was embarrassed to reveal.

It was during their last sexual encounter when the victim removed her blindfold that she found Newland wearing a strap-on prosthetic penis.

"In hindsight I wish I had ripped that mask off sooner," said the victim, reported BBC News.

Newland was found guilty of three sexual assault charges by a Chester Crown Court jury.

"[It is] important to remember there is a victim at the heart of [the case]. This was a highly elaborate deception where Newland abused the trust that the victim had in her," said Detective Inspector Clare Coleman, of Cheshire Constabulary.

"She has been extremely upset by what has happened and there is no doubt there will be a lasting psychological impact on her."