A Berlin restaurant hoped to revolutionise the phrase "dog's dinner" when it opened its doors to canine customers on 1 March. Set in a popular dog-walking spot in the Gruenewald forest south-west of the city, the new home of bow-wow chow believes it is the German capital's first such eatery.

Often touted as man's best friend, canine companions are set to be banned altogether from certain paths at around Berlin's lakes from May 15, and elsewhere will have to be kept on leash at all times.

German singer Henry de Winter, appointed "patron" of the new dog restaurant situated in the Paulsborn hotel, said that given the new regulations elsewhere, the location was key for the dining experiment.

"Berliners come here for the weekend, for example, to stay here because it's in the off-lead area and they come here with their dogs, because dogs are welcomed here, and they have a beer garden in the summer where people can sit and it's a social meeting point, yes. And people can come here, they stop over for having a beer or a coffee or something like this, and now the possibility to have your dog next to your table eating with you at the same moment is perfect," he said.

Chilled meals are purchased from an on-site delicatessen and can be eaten indoors or outdoors at the restaurant tables while owners enjoy their own food, or taken away for later.

But despite the menu on offer - including salmon, kangaroo and deer antlers - de Winter said that even his beloved pet Bobby wasn't fussy.

"Although he doesn't get any human food, so to say, because it's different spices and so it's prepared in a much different way than dogs' or pets' food is prepared. But he eats vegetables, he eats fruit, he eats, well, yeah - almost everything. Especially things from the ground, huh?" he said as Bobby hunted for extra treats on the floor.

Whether restaurant owner Johanna Wahlig is barking up the wrong tree with the scheme remains to be seen - but after the new walking regulations unleashed fury among local pet owners, there are bound to be some who will go crazy for canine cuisine.