mass brawl outside Marbella nightclub
Two men unconscious in blood-spattered street after mass brawl outside Marbella nightclub Youtube screen grab

Chaos broke outside a popular nightclub in the Spanish city of Marbella when a mass brawl erupted. The fight left two men unconscious.

The fight began at 7am local time on Sunday morning (11 June) outside the Wall Street club in Marbella, a city popular with British tourists. A waitress from the club filmed the incident on her smartphone.

The clip shows around a dozen young people fighting. One man in a maroon T-shirt can be seen taking a punch to the head and falling on the ground, losing consciousness.

Another man in white is seen being knocked over and kicked in the head until he falls unconscious. Blood can be seen spattered on the road at the end of the clip.

Local media reports claim the fight broke out when a woman flirted with a man from a rival group in the club, while other reports say that a dispute related to drugs led to the violence.

As quoted by Mirror, a witness, who wanted to remain anonymous, said: "They are bad guys. There are people who had published the video and had to delete it because they received a lot of threats."

Paramedics arrived soon after the incident and a few of those involved in the fight were taken to a hospital. People with minor injuries were treated at the scene.

Firefighters were also at the scene as two men were stuck in a nearby canal and had to be helped out.

Several men fled the scene before the police arrived. Authorities began their investigation after the video of the fight surfaced on social media networks.

There were no reports of any arrests having been made.