Virtual Boy Nintendo Emulator
VR's past has come back to haunt it. Nintendo

In proof that not all tech nostalgia should be placated, a Redditor has found a way to emulate the Nintendo Virtual Boy on Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard virtual reality headsets.

Thanks to Reddit user under the name The-King-of-Spain, you can now be transported back into the virtual reality climate of the 1990s and experience the dystopian visions created by Nintendo's horrendously ugly eye-stand/'portable' console. All it takes is a compatible ROM file, a mobile VR headset, the RetroArch Android app and a bit of careful instruction-following (available on the Reddit post).

For those not in the know, Nintendo's bleak attempt at virtual reality in 1995 was deemed a catastrophic mess of violently-ugly black-and-red sprites by critics and fans alike. It also sported hardware design more akin to an ancient torture device that an actual wearable.

As an added bonus, it was also infamous for inflicting severe migraines; a far cry from the minor headaches and discomfort sometimes caused by extended Oculus Rift or HTC Vive sessions.

Thankfully, the creator has attempted to spare that particular brand of pain for intrigued VR fans, deeming it necessary to supplant the red hues with a gray-scale palette.

Unfortunately, while there are a couple of well-remembered games for the Virtual Boy like Wario Land (shown in the emulator in the below video) and Jack Bros., the majority of the titles in the device's staggeringly small library of games (22 in total) were nigh on unplayable and arguably rank among some of the most awful games ever to bear the prestigious Nintendo name.

The Virtual Boy also wasn't technically capable of producing actual virtual reality, instead it was one of the first game systems to be capable of rendering stereoscopic 3D, but 'Stereoscopic 3D Boy' is hardly a punchy name now is it?

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