The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead will return to screens on 11 October in the US and the following day in the UK AMC/FOX

After what has felt like one of the longest waits in TV history, everyone's favourite zombie series The Walking Dead is returning to US screens on 11 October with a whole new set of problems, characters and most likely some shocking deaths.

Season five was certainly an emotional roller coaster for Rick Grimes and his group of survivors, who were last seen at their new safe-haven Alexandria, so as viewers anticipate the season six premiere, the IBTimes UK takes a look at all the important events that occurred the last time we visited the zombie apocalypse...

Rick Grimes

Things began looking up for the group leader after finding shelter at Alexandria. Along with a new beard, Rick appeared to find himself a love interest in fellow resident Jessie, a mother who is trapped in an abusive marriage with Pete. However, police officer Rick took justice into his own hands when he shot and killed the abusive husband in the season finale at the request of Alexandria leader Deanna. Moments later, Rick was reunited with his long-lost pal Morgan.

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Daryl Dixon

The moody one became even moodier when the group arrived at Alexandria. While the safe-place was a relief to many who were running out of steam on the road, Daryl seemed to actually miss being out in the wild with the walkers. It was a bittersweet season for Daryl, who was reunited with his best friend/love interest Carol but was forced to grieve the loss of his actual love interest Beth, who was killed at the Grady Memorial Hospital.

Carol Peletier

It's all getting very sinister with the group's mother hen. While she spent four seasons being meek and timid, Carol came into her own at the beginning of season five when she took down Terminal and rescued her friends from the cannibals. However, Carol became incredibly twisted in the second half, manipulating a young boy among the Alexandrians to get her hands on the stash of guns that were confiscated upon the survivors' arrival.

The Walking Dead
After five seasons of going awol, Morgan finally reunited with his long-lost friend Rick at Alexandria AMC/FOX

The deaths

Season five was possibly the biggest bloodbath of them all with Tyreese, Bob, Beth and Noah all meeting their maker. Poor Tyreese's death was certainly the most emotional with Judith's resident nanny accidentally getting bitten by a walker, while Bob, who was already infected, got eaten by the cannibals. Beth was accidentally shot by Dawn in the Grady Memorial stand-off and Noah was dragged into a pit of walkers. Hopefully season six will be less tragic!

The Walking Dead returns to AMC in the US on 11 October and 12 October on Fox in the UK.