The Walking Dead
Rick Grimes is slowly regaining power over the survivors alongside Alexandria leader Deanna FOX

Just when it seemed like they had finally found a safe place after escaping cannibals and a psychotic governor, everyone's favourite survivors in The Walking Dead faced a brand new threat. The first episode of season six was certainly no walk in the park for the group although the premiere could have done with a faster pace.

In episode one, the Alexandria residents are still reeling from the events of the season five finale, which saw group leader Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) kill troublemaker Pete and lone-ranger Morgan finally join the fold. Despite those resolutions, the peace is hardly restored with Rick and his "family" desperately trying to warn the other Alexandrians that they need to be prepared to fight against the zombies roaming far outside their walls in case of a threat.

His point is only proved when he and Morgan discover what must be thousands upon thousands of walkers holed up in a canyon not too far from their new home. Trying to reassume his leadership role after losing trust in some wary Alexandrians in season five, Rick hatches a plan to lure the trapped walkers from the canyon pit elsewhere in order to prevent Alexandria from being overrun in the future.

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Although he has the support of his own people, such as Carol, Michonne and Glenn, it is clear Rick is still yet to earn the approval of the other Alexandrians. Rick's sort-of love interest Jessie (Alexandra Breckenridge), is trying to keep somewhat of a distance between them after he killed her abusive husband, Pete. Her eldest son Ron is also a little afraid of the sheriff, prompting Jessie to insist on giving her children gun-training herself, despite Rick's insistence.

It is just one of the many relationships of Rick's that is being tested. The group leader is even having to keep his long-lost friend Morgan at bay as a precaution, given that the lone-wolf has been voluntarily out in the zombie-infested wilderness on his own for the last five seasons.

After betraying his fellow survivors last season, Father Gabriel is being given the cold shoulder by Rick who kindly took him in while Glenn has found himself giving a second chance to Nicholas, whose cowardly behaviour in season five resulted in the death of Noah and the injury of Tara. As has become par for the course in the apocalyptic world, it all crumbles down to the basic element of trust.

The lengthy flashback scenes in black and white during season six's first episode can feel distracting and it certainly feels like a slow-builder at times. However, it all ends with a payoff when the plan to draw the walkers away from the canyon goes dangerously off course. The dead are coaxed towards the sound of a horn coming from the direction of Alexandria. Which resident is betraying their own? All should be revealed in episode two, which airs on Fox UK on 19 October.