Chris Hardwick
IBTimes UK's exclusive interview with comedian and actor Chris Hardwick. AMC

Talking Dead host, Chris Hardwick, will be the moderator for The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead panels at the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con to be held on 22 July in California. Fans will surely not want to miss this as Hardwick is mostly likely to bring out some interesting details on the twin post-apocalyptic AMC shows.

In an exclusive interview with IBTimes UK, the 44-year-old comedian spoke about his take on Jeffrey Dean Morgan playing Negan along with his personal journey in Hollywood. He also revealed how much he knows about spoilers of the shows. Below are excerpts from the interview.

Q: How has your journey been in Hollywood so far?

A: It's been incredible. I started working in television in 1994. I worked for a handful of years and then I stopped working (I couldn't get work, no one would hire me). In 2007 I stopped focusing on chasing jobs [that I didn't really care about] to survive... and I focused on what do I love and what would I want to do. It was all of the things that I am doing now.

The journey is interesting and very rewarding because now, everything I worked on is something that I love doing and love being associated with. I am very fortunate and I have no complaints at all.

Q: How did Talking Dead happen?

Talking Dead happened after the first season of Walking Dead... after the first six episodes. AMC wanted to experiment with the show for the fans. I was a fan and I knew some people in AMC and they let me do it. It's been really great.

The Walking Dead season 7
Negan will be around Alexandria to terrorise his victims with his baseball bat Lucille AMC

Q: What was your reaction when you saw the season 6 finale scene featuring Negan?

A: I read the comics and I think Jeffrey Dean Morgan is incredible as Negan. I thought we would see whom he is going to kill but we didn't. I wasn't really upset by it but felt like its gripping. And that's what happens on TV shows.

It was very important for them [TWD producers] to reveal that in the next season because that is the beginning of the next chapter of the show. So rather than grieving about the character they [fans] lost, you wonder about it and hope that your favourite character has died or not. And in fall, you hope to find out who it is.

The journey is interesting and very rewarding because now, everything I worked on is something that I love doing and love being associated with. I am very fortunate and I have no complaints at all.
- Chris Hardwick

Q: Who do you think Negan's victim could be?

A: I have no idea who it is. I have a few guesses but I don't know who it was. I watch it [the latest episode] a few hours before our show [Talking Dead]. And I ask the producers 'don't ever tell me what's coming up'. I can't really be that presenter for fans, who knows more than fans know. There is no pressure from fans on me as you don't have to worry about giving anything away.

Q: How do you avoid giving out spoilers?

A: It's very easy for me to hold spoilers because when they are in production, I don't really get to talk to the characters and producers that much. And I don't really have the opportunity to get the plot spoiled for me and I don't go looking for spoilers.

Q: Do fans ask you about the suspense behind Negan's victim?

A: They always want to know. Since the season 6 finale, people yell at me on the streets saying 'who did Negan kill' and I reply 'I don't know'. It's great though just to see that kind of reaction. We are all part of this community. We are all part of this shared experience.

Q: Most fans think that the producers are following the comic book and Negan has killed Glenn. What are your thoughts?

A: It could be Glenn, it's all in the comics and that's the traditional way to go. But the Walking Dead has not always followed the comics and traditional patterns. Negan is really pissed off with Rick. Because Rick has killed a bunch of his guys, he has gotten on his way and disrupted the order that Negan has established.

Negan understands that Rick is the one who needs to be brought in line and who he would kill would affect Rick the most. So it could be Glenn, but it also could not be him.

Can it be Maggie, so that would have a profound effect on the group or is it Michonne because that would have a profound effect on Rick? But I don't think it Carl but honestly, I don't know.

The Walking Dead season 7 premieres in autumn this year and a trailer is expected to release during the Comic-Con next week. Hardwick also hosts the Talking Dead show for Fear The Walking Dead which is scheduled to return with the rest of the episodes from season 2 on 21 August on AMC in the US and in the UK on 22 August on BT TV.