Walking Dead season 7
Rick was helpless as Negan crushed the head of a victim in TWD season 6 finale AMC

Fans will not rest until The Walking Dead season 7 premieres as they will finally learn the identity of the victim whose head was crushed by notorious Savior leader Negan in season 6 finale. Multiple theories and probabilities have surfaced on the internet about the possible victim and the ones who survived the torturous ordeal.

Spoiling Dead Fans, a Facebook group dedicated for TWD spoilers, recently revealed a list of characters spotted around the filming area and it mentioned few members who were lined up before the Savior leader in the finale.

Filming in Fayetteville wrapped around 7pm tonight. All kinds of delicious sightings! The rumored sightings were: Rick, Eugene, Abe, Michonne, Aaron, Heath, Morgan, Carol, Ezekiel and some other Kingdom people.

Now, a few of these actors didn't appear to even be in GA today so we are still a little skeptical. This should have been the final day of filming episode 3. Since this episode deals primarily with the Kingdom community we believe that Carol, Morgan, Ezekiel and other Kingdom people were probably the only ones actually filming.

Rick, Carl, Michonne, Daryl, Glenn, Rosita, Eugene, Aaron, Abe, Sasha, and Maggie were terrified to death when we last saw them waiting for Negan to make his first strike. Earlier, the fan group had reported the sighting of the crossbow-wielding warrior and with the recently rumoured sightings, it is assumed that Rick, Eugene, Abe, Michonne, Aaron and Daryl are safe.

In the graphic comic book by Robert Kirkman, Glenn was the victim whose skull was smashed by the notorious Savior leader and based on the recent filming rumours it seems, his end is near. But Steven Yeun had previously insisted the TV show may not exactly go the comic book way and become predictable by killing Glenn.

And if he is speaking the truth, then Carl, Sasha, Rosita, and Maggie are in immediate danger. Kirkman has already teased "hard time" ahead for the Alexandria safe zone leader post the Negan wrath. And this will happen if he loses his beloved son Carl.

It remains to be seen, which character faced the fury of Lucille, Negan's baseball bat. TWD season 7 will premiere in October on AMC.