AHS Hotel episode 5
Wes Bentley as Detective John Lowe in AHS Hotel FX

American Horror Story Hotel returns after a week's hiatus and John Lowe will get close to finding out the identity of the serial killer. Episode 8 is titled The Ten Commandments Killer, which will air this Wednesday, 2 December at 10pm EST on FX Network.

Warning: Potential Spoilers Ahead

Here is the official synopsis released by the Network:

John closes in on The Ten Commandments Killer. Sally's arrangement with March is revealed. Written by Ryan Murphy; directed by Loni Peristere.

Click here to watch AHS Hotel via live stream. You can also click here to watch it online on the FX website (only in the US). In the last episode, fans learn about James March and the Countess's history together. James married the Countess back in 1925, but her true love was movie star Valentino (played by Finn Wittrock), who infected her with the virus.

In the distant past, the Countess wanted to run away with Valentino and Natasha who are, however, kidnapped and sealed inside Hotel Cortez by March. By the end of the episode, fans see Valentino and Natasha escape the confines of their walled prison decades later, thanks to renovations done by Will Drake.

In the present, John Lowe, who checks himself into a psychic asylum, manages to get in touch with the serial killer's accomplice, Wren, and even coerces her into revealing the killer's identity. Wren agrees to take him to the culprit, if he can get her out of the facility. However, she is run over by a truck when she leaves the asylum.

There is much speculation surrounding the identity of the serial killer. Some fan theories point to John Lowe while others say it is Will Drake who is the killer. The upcoming episode will surely reveal the identity of the person, as American Horror Story co-creator Ryan Murphy has himself confirmed that the Ten Commandments Killer is one of Hotel Cortex's residents.

When asked if the Ten Commandments Killer is tied to the Countess, Murphy told Entertainment Weekly, "Yeah, everyone is tied to the Ten Commandments Killer. The great fun is, "Who among them is that killer?" It's obviously someone who's staying in the hotel."

A new promo shows John Lowe asking Liz Taylor played by Denis O'Hare, "The Ten Commandments Killer is here! Who is he?" The promo also shows Hypodermic Sally telling March, "We have unfinished business together."

The promo ends with John walking with Sally and asking, "You are telling me the killer is in this room?" Sally replies, "I am telling you, there are answers on the other side of the door."