Luke Cage in Jessica Jones
Actor Mike Randal Colter plays the superhero in the action TV series Myles Aronowitz / Netflix

Marvel had announced that action TV series Luke Cage would be air on 30 September on Netflix. Now, Marvel has released its first trailer of the series which shows the hero's super human powers.

The character will acquire the power after a sabotaged experiment leaves him with unbreakable skin and super strength. In the trailer, the character played by actor Mike Randal Colter shows off his power by surviving a hail of bullets sprayed at him.

Cage responds: "I'm about sick of always having to buy new clothes."

When the experiment goes wrong, Cage becomes a fugitive trying to rebuild his life in modern day Harlem, New York City. But he soon finds himself fighting for his city.

The series will also feature actress Simone Missick (Misty Knight), actor Frank Whaley (Rafael Scarfe), actor Mahershala Ali (Cottonmouth), actor Theo Rossi (Shades), actress Alfre Woodard (Mariah Dillard), and Rosario Dawson (Claire Temple).

Screenwriter Cheo Hodari Coker will serve as executive producer and pen the first two episodes of the series.

Watch the trailer below: