Notorious airs on ABC on Thursdays at 9pm EST Notorious/ABC

ABC's high-intensity drama, Notorious returns with a brand new episode titled Missing, which will air on Thursday (20 October). As the Oscar Keaton case intensifies, the influential pair of attorney and TV producer – Julia George and Jake Gregorian – will come face-to-face with more secrets and lies. It remains to be seen whether the quest for sensational headlines takes the two to extreme levels?

Click here to watch Notorious season 1 episode 5 live online on the official ABC website. The episode will air on ABC on Thursday at 9pm EST.

Notorious aired one of the most intense episodes last week that ended with Oscar's best friend Levi Young committing suicide when confronted with some glaring truths by Julia.

Although the eventful episode wrote off one of the key characters from the legal drama, it did clear the doubts over Levi's loyalty.

Most importantly, the series' protagonists – Julia and Jake – now have one suspect off their list as they pursue the real killer responsible for Sarah's death.

Like a typical Notorious scene, the upcoming episode will deal with a fresh case and according to the official synopsis, "Jake and Julia will try to locate the biological parents of an unborn baby". While the duo work together to seek justice and create "good TV", an old secret will be unravelled that will cause some more friction and drama.

Oscar, who had been arrested on the charges of his wife's murder, will learn that his trustworthy lawyer Jake was sleeping with his wife. Clearly, the hot-headed Internet mogul will not take this piece of information with ease. Even the trailer for the upcoming episode of Notorious hinted on the drama that is about to begin as Julia says, "If I were you, I would pray, I keep my mouth shut."

The sneak peek video also teased that a new player will be introduced in the ABC series, who to say the least, is extremely forceful with his words. Will the difficult times create at least one new alliance bringing Jake and Julia closer? Watch Notorious on ABC on Thursdays to find out.