Preacher is a supernatural comic drama that airs on AMC on Sundays Matthias Clamer/AMC

Preacher continues to remain a mystery to Annville residents despite his newfound powers and heroic acts of spreading the word of God. The AMC show returns this week with episode 5 titled South Will Rise Again on Sunday, 26 June that features a new connection between Tulip and Cassidy.

With the plot thickening, the mysterious duo from the heaven might have to speed up their task of retrieving Genesis.

Click here to watch episode online on the official website. Watch Preacher season 1 episode 5 to find out what the angels have in store for Jesse on 26 June on AMC at 9 pm EST.

'Annville's newest rock star's' fate is about to take a turn in the upcoming episode as he comes face to face with angels Fiore and DeBlanc. In the trailer for the Sunday's episode, the duo meets up with the now famous Preacher and explains their little situation. "We watched you, we have been patient, but now we are out of time," Deblanc explains to Jesse with a stern warning.

Read the official synopsis for the episode here:

After his stunt with Quincannon, Jesse is Annville's newest rock star. Tulip and Cassidy connect, and The Cowboy makes a tragic decision.

As it turns out, even the angels are answerable to a higher force, and when someone from heaven tries to reach out to them, they simply cannot ignore the call. However, they still don't have an answer for the forces or the supernatural creature called Genesis in their coffee can. Previously, the duo had revealed themselves to be indestructible angels, who have descended upon Earth to retrieve Genesis, which has made Jesse's body his home.

While Jesse's little trivia unfolds, his two acquaintances – Tulip and Cassidy – are going to get to know each other better. Meaning, the preacher's bad*** girlfriend will find out the Irish vampire's secret after they had a rough night at the brothel that ended in Tulip nearly killing Cassidy. Clearly, when a person survives near-death experience and drinks blood to regain health, he has got to be a hundred-year-old vampire, as Tulip will realise in a fun moment from the episode.

Watch the trailer for the episode here:

While its entertaining to see the two most vivacious characters bonding on-screen, Tulip and Cassidy's connection might not be a good news for Jesse. As the official synopsis teases, "the cowboy" might have to make "a tragic decision." Will they give up on Jesse to retrieve Genesis or form the whacky trio the viewers had been craving from the show?

To find out, watch Preacher Sunday, 26 June on AMC.