Star Wars Rebels season 2
Kanan and Rex infiltrate the Empire in Star Wars Rebels season 2 episode 7 DisneyXD

Star Wars Rebels season 2 returns with a classic episode, where unlikely duo Captain Rex and Kanan will be forced to go undercover as stormtroopers to rescue Ezra and the rest of the crew. Episode 7 is titled, Stealth Strike, which will air this Wednesday, 25 November at 9.30pm ET on Disney XD in the US.

The official synopsis reads as follows:

A new Imperial ship captures Ezra, Commander Sato, and his crew, forcing Kanan and the clone to go undercover as stormtroopers to free the rebels.

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In the latest promo, Kanan is seen telling Rex, "For the record, this wasn't my idea." To which the Clone replies, "Just try to act like a professional." But Kanan argues, "What if you get in there and forget which side you are on?" While Rex maintains that he will not be on the side of the Empire.

This is followed by Zeb entering and giving them their disguise -- stormtrooper suits. Then we see them both dressed in their armour and ready to board the place as Kanan points out, "Suit looks a little tight on you old-man."

Another promo titled, Just Like Old Times, shows Kanan and Rex inside an aircraft as they are all set to rescue Ezra. "This looks just like old times," says Kanan. "Just follow my lead," replies Rex, but Kanan disagrees and asks the Clone to follow his orders.

Kanan then uses his Jedi mind control to trick the guards and then the team is able to get in. Rex seems impressed with Kanan. With the help of a chopper they are able to track Ezra's location and are seen on the way to rescue the Rebels.

So, do you think Kanan and Rex will be able to put their differences aside and rescue the Rebels? Find out when Star Wars Rebels season 2 episode 7 airs on 25 November.