Supernatural season 11 episode 2
Sam and Dean Winchester in Supernatural season 11 The CW

Supernatural season 11 returns with another adventurous episode this Wednesday, 14 October at 9pm EST on The CW. Episode 2 is titled, Form And Void, where Sam's condition worsens and Dean learns more about Darkness and what it entails.

The official synopsis reads as follows:

Dean (Jensen Ackles) helps Jenna (guest star Laci J. Mailey), the nurse he met after the Darkness fell, get back home safely and then sets off to help Sam (Jared Padalecki) deal with a town infected by a mysterious and deadly gas. However, when Jenna falls into dangerous hands, she calls Dean for help and Sam tells him to go back to her. Unfortunately for Sam, he isn't able to handle the townspeople turned monsters as easily as he thought.

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In the premiere episode, Dean met Darkness, who thanked him for freeing her and revealed that she also has the Mark of Cain. Sam and Dean helped a young nurse and saved a baby's life when the entire town's population turned into monsters after inhaling a deadly gas. However, the new promo from the upcoming episode shows that the baby also has the Mark of Cain.

Crowley tells Dean, "Whatever is in that house, I can taste the power." Dean, in a voice-over, says that he thinks baby Amara is the Darkness, as Crowley claims, "That baby eats souls." Besides, Sam, who was affected by the dark gas in the previous episode, will begin to hallucinate and his condition worsens.

Although Darkness means more trouble for the Winchester brothers, executive producer Jeremy Carver is proud to take on the story of Darkness. Carver told The Hollywood Reporter: "Last season, we made a real concerted effort to focus on smaller, personal stories and a lot of great stuff came out of it. While the character relationships are still there this season, with the release of The Darkness, the stakes are going to feel much, much higher, not just for the boys, but for the demons in hell and the angels in heaven.

"It excites us to confront this issue of what you do when you have a big bad that pretty much everyone wants gone but nobody knows how to deal with," he added.