Taylor Swift Apple ad
Taylor Swift stars in a third Apple Music ad featuring the singer-songwriter rocking out to I Believe In A Thing Called Love by The Darkness Apple Music ad screenshot

Taylor Swift and Apple are back at it again with another light and fun ad to promote the tech giant's music streaming service and this time the songstress is rocking out to British rock band The Darkness. Released on 12 May, this is Swift's third advert for Apple Music in six weeks.

"I love a quiet night at home," Swift says at the beginning of the new spot, before dipping into Apple Music's "Friday Night Rocks!" playlist. She then tosses her phone aside and dances around her living room without a care in the world, while lip-syncing to The Darkness' I Believe In A Thing Called Love.

Other songs seen on the playlist include Seven Nation Army, Sweet Child O' Mine and Chop Suey!

The tagline reads: "Dance like no one's watching."

After face-planting on a treadmill to the tune of Drake & Future's Jumpman and getting ready to the nostalgic Jimmy Eat World's The Middle, Swift seems to want to make viewers feel like she is just like them — solo dance parties, bathroom karaoke sessions and all.

The playlists featured in the ads have also, expectedly, skyrocketed in popularity. Apple Music's #GYMFLOW player got a 439% boost in listeners, according to Fast Co.Create. "Jukebox Hits: '00s Alternative Rock" and "Friday Night Rocks!" should expect the same skyrocketing increase in numbers as well.

The ad comes nearly a year after Swift criticised Apple for its decision not to pay royalties during Apple Music's three-month trial period. The company quickly changed its tune within a few hours.

According to Apple Music head of content Larry Jackson, the commercials are part of a multi-part campaign that they plan to rollout like they would for a record.

"You release one single, it's got a certain longevity, then the next single drops. What we're doing here, to avoid it all fading out too soon, is using the same cadence as an album — spot comes out, hype dies down two week later, then out comes another spot, same thing happens, then drop the next one," Jackson told Fast Co.Create. "So we're using the same approach with spots as we would with singles."

He did not specify how many more ads will be released starring Swift.

Apple Music crossed 11 million subscribers in February, overshadowing rival streaming service Tidal's own 3 million. Spotify, however, is racing ahead having passed 30 million users in April.