HBo Westworld
The series revolves around a futuristic theme park where guests can indulge in any kind of real-life adventure HBO

HBO's major science fiction thriller Westworld premieres on Sunday (2 October) and stakes are high on the $100m (£77m) series, which has created immense hype among viewers due to its unique theme. The eagerness multiplied as the network released a series of promos offering a glimpse in to a world which is meticulously created to satisfy guilty pleasures.

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The show narrates the dark side of artificial intelligence (AI) and how this futuristic world will bring out the worst in humans. The show revolves around Dr Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins), a genius creative director, who founded an adult theme park which he designed on the West, including cowboys and their ethnic culture. The only catch is none of the humans are actually humans, rather, they are androids created by Dr Ford.

In his theme park, guests can pay the price to enter into a world, where they can satisfy various human fetishes. For example a person can murder a human-like android in whichever way he or she wishes to, or can indulge in an orgy or even rape these androids.

The controversial theme was criticised for showing violence against women. Star Wars director JJ Abrams is one of the executive producers of the series, along with showcreators Jonathan Nolan and wife Lisa Joy.

"The show is trying to have its cake and eat it too. We're comfortable with that level of paradox. One of the questions that the show explores is around people's choices in entertainment and the level of violence built into it and video games. The show doesn't offer any answers, but we're actively interested in that question and so are the hosts," Nolan told Deadline explaining the use of violence against women in the show.

It remains to be seen, whether the show creates history with its unique yet controversial theme which is laced with violence and nudity. The show will air on Sundays at 9pm ET on HBO.

The premiere episode of the series titled The Original is directed by Nolan.