The Jimmy Kimmel vs Matt Damon fight never gets old, and every time they start a verbal war on camera, fans cheer for more.

Thanks to George Clooney, the spat between Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon reached a new height on Monday, 23 October. The Hollywood actor had appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to promote his directorial venture Suburbicon.

Soon after arriving on the ABC talk show, Clooney teased a big surprise. As the conversation drifted to family life, Kimmel asked the 56-year-old actor if his wife Amal Clooney is taking care of the twins at home.

To this, the actor replied that his twins were in the studio and asked his 'Manny' to bring them in. To everyone's surprise, it was none other than Damon, who entered the set pushing a double stroller,. He even had a diaper bag and spit towel on his shoulders. Audiences started cheering for the Ocean's Eleven actor while Jimmy continued to look distraught.

Clooney told the audience, "He's my Manny," as Damon entered the set. "He's just very good with the kids!" Clooney said as he explained Manny is term for 'a male nanny'.

"You're not a man," Kimmel frowned while his arch-nemesis quipped, "that's not what your wife said."

"So based on your physique, I guess you're breast-feeding the children too?" Kimmel shot back during their made-up verbal spat.

"No, I actually just wanted to get their nap so I brought them to a place where they wouldn't get woken up by laughter," Damon retorted.

Later during the argument, in a fitting reply to the constant rejection he faced in the talk show, Damon introduced the 'twins' to the audience and Jimmy. "There they are, right there," Damon said while showing two middle fingers, saying: "This is screw, and this is you. Screw you."

The Jimmy Kimmel Vs Matt Damon skit is years old, but the two still manage to leave their fans in splits with their witty remarks.