Kanye West
Kanye West has been peppering Twitter with bizarre tweets. Reuters/Charles Platiau

Guess who chimed in to Kanye West's gloating-about-his-music-but-moaning-about-his debts odd series of Tweets? US whistleblower Edward Snowden, who's cooling his heels in Russia since being charged with treason for revealing massive spying on American citizens by the National Security Agency. To say Snowden's not feeling particularly sympathetic for the rap star would be an understatement.

West, who revealed he's $53m (£36m) in debt just as he's releasing his latest album, The Life of Pablo, urged Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg in a tweet to invest $1bn (£700m) "into Kanye West ideas." He then told Zuckerberg to please respond by the following day. THEN he said he wasn't going to release the album after all and pleaded with fans to download it on Tidal.

That's when Snowden tweeted: "Please clap."

Snowden's comment is a reference to the sorry speech presidential hopeful Jeb Bush made to a crowd in New Hampshire before the primary. Bush's audience was so not enthused by his rhetoric that he had to plead with them to applaud when he finished his spiel about protecting the country. Apparently Snowden thinks Kanye pleading with fans to download his music is a similar situation.

Snowden fans loved the quip, with one saying the comment should win him a pardon. Another noted: "Eddie, oh Eddie, *swoon.*