After enabling Windows 10 users to live stream games from Xbox One consoles to PCs running the new operating system, technology giant Microsoft is hoping to also allow users to stream games from PCs to Xbox One devices in the very near future.

According to a Verge report which quotes Xbox boss Phil Spencer, the Redmond-based company is currently working at developing the new feature that streams PC games onto Xbox One consoles.

Microsoft's latest announcement comes on the heels of the release of the PC version of Windows 10 worldwide.

"[Gamers] want to play games on the device that they want to play on. They want to play with their friends and they progress whenever they sit down", stated Spencer. A timeline regarding the launch of PC games streaming to Xbox One is yet to be announced by Microsoft.

"It's actually a little more challenging doing the encoding on the PC side to the Xbox, but challenge is good", added Spencer.

Besides announcing that it will offer live streaming of PC games, on to Xbox gaming devices, Microsoft has also updated the official Xbox app for Windows to feature new functionality such as:

  • Party Chat: This enables users to start a group chat or game chat with Xbox friends across Xbox One and Xbox on Windows 10. Press '+' to invite friends, and simply click on friends to invite them to an online party.
  • Home: Enables easy access to Game streaming that provides quick launch of an Xbox One game from Recently Played. Users should also find an updated Featured Games section on the home screen below the recently played list. This lets users find out and install newer and popular games from the Windows store.
  • Xbox Avatars: The 'Take a photo' feature can be used to save a specific Avatar photo as the user's picture during gaming. Users can select a post or a frame of animation, select a background, and select Picture size > gamepic and then click the camera icon, and select Save as gamerpic to make the new picture visible across Xbox on Windows 10 PCs and Xbox One.
  • My Games: The app will support automated discovery of Windows Store games and a large number of older non-Windows store PC games so they get added automatically to users' game collection within the Xbox app upon first launch. If a game is not automatically added, users can manually add it to a collection by selecting My games > Add a game from your PC.