Windows Store Spring Sale is here with discounts on games, apps, music and movies till 28 March
Microsoft celebrates end of winter with spring sale Getty Images

Microsoft launched a Windows Store Spring Sale on 22 March which offers discounts on games, apps, movies, music and more. The sale will be on till 28 March.

The Windows Store, with some heavily discounted products, now joins the Xbox Store and the Microsoft Store in celebrating the end of winter with some attractive deals.

Microsoft has highlighted its most attractive deals with a list posted on its blog. Four of its most popular games make it to the top of the list:


Oxenfree is a "chilling game, where a fun night with friends on an decommissioned military island becomes very, very scary". The game is now available for 25% off its original price.

Hands of Fate

Now available at 50% off, Hands of Fate is: "Intense, visceral action leads inexorably to a warrior's game of life and death at the end of the world – but along the way find hundreds of encounters, pieces of armour, weapons, artefacts and mysteries to unlock."

Halo: Spartan Strike

This action-packed adventure game is now also available at 50% discount. "Take your Spartan skills – along with a new arsenal of weapon, new capabilities and new vehicles – and set off through cities and jungles on 30 challenging missions, all set during the events of Halo 2."

Halo: Spartan Assault

Join the Spartan resistance and battle your way through 30 exciting and adventurous missions against the Covenant at 50% discount.

Microsoft Movies and TV sale includes movies like the Oscar nominated Martian at 33% off, the ever popular Harry Potter collection of all eight movies at 49% off and popular TV series House of Cards' first three seasons for $19.99

Meanwhile, the Microsoft Store is offering $100 off on select Surface Pro 4 models as part of its spring sale, while the Xbox Store has up to 60% discounts on several of the most popular games for Xbox One and Xbox 360.