An argument between two family members in the German city of Munich ended in dramatic fashion with a finger being bitten off.

An unnamed 35-year-old Greek man and his 52-year-old mother-in-law were arguing on Friday 26 May in his home in the Bavarian capital when things turned violent.

The son-in-law claimed that he wanted to kill the woman before grabbing her neck and pulling off her gold necklace.

The mother-in-law then tried to talk to him, but things escalated and the man punched her in the face before choking her with his hands.

Trying to defend herself, the women then bit off a chunk of the man's fingers.

Bavarian police detained the man at the home for a short while before sending him to a nearby hospital where he had his finger operated on.

The woman was also treated for injuries to her neck from the attempted strangling.

The man was later arrested by Munich police. It is unknown what the pair were arguing about and how it managed to get so out of hand.

The official police report also did not confirm if the man managed to get his finger reattached or not.