A queue for the iPhone X outside an Apple store in Sydney has been culled by the local council just three days before launch.

Apple enthusiasts have been signing up to a Facebook group named "We Are Making iPhone Great Again", which invites people to leave chairs and milk cartons in the line as placeholders.

Organised by tech YouTuber Dave Lee, group members were expected to check in on the queue once per day and upload a photo to Facebook.

But the chairs and other placeholders will now be removed after complaints rolled in to Sydney City Council.

In a statement to Gizmodo Australia, the council said it was working with the Apple store's management to remove the chairs.

"The City of Sydney has an obligation to ensure our footpaths are accessible for everyone. These chairs are obstructing the busy footpath that is already affected by nearby rail construction. Our rangers are working with Apple store Management to arrange for the immediate removal of chairs and milk crates that have been left outside their George St store."

The council said any chairs or crates removed will be stored at a depot and available for pickup.

Before the council's intervention, a sign was placed at the front of the line with instructions.

"We are building the worlds (sic) longest line to secure your free spot join our Facebook group We Are Making iPhone Great Again. Follow this line on YouTube Dave Lee."

The Facebook group, which has 80 members, states organiser Lee will "try care (sic) for everybody's position overnight during the hours when seats are stolen. Your position is safe, we will work together to secure everyone's position in the line."

Apple launches the iPhone X worldwide on 3 November. IBTimes UK has contacted Lee for comment.