Anyone getting married this year? Fancy trying out the world's longest bridal train?

At 1.85 miles long - that's nearly 3 kilometres - this Romanian model had no qualms about 'rocking the frock' in the middle of Bucharest's main boulevard. She even looks a little cold out there. But let's face it, this train doesn't really seem that practical for going up the aisle in a traditional church, does it?

The Guinness Book of World Records has recognised the dress as the longest in history. It took ten highly-experienced seamstresses 100 days to make with 4,700 meters of material and 1,857 needles. To cap it all they've beaten the record previously held by a Dutch designer.

To show off the stunning dress and mark the start of the annual wedding fair in Bucharest, what better way than to hoist the dress up into a hot air balloon and fly it around the city? I hope they're holding on to it tight!