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Bloomberg's Mark Gurman says watchOS 10 will bring iOS-like widgets to Apple Watch. Wikimedia Commons

It looks like watchOS 10 will revamp the overall Apple Watch experience with iOS-like widgets. Last month, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman claimed watchOS 10 is likely to get "notable changes to the user interface." Regrettably, he did not divulge details about the aforesaid changes at the time.

In the latest edition of his Power On newsletter, the popular journalist has finally explained what Apple could be planning for its next watch operating system. Apparently, he believes watch widgets are set to make a comeback.

The original Apple Watch, which was launched seven years ago, featured a widgets interface dubbed Glances. However, the American tech giant did not include Glances with watchOS 3 in 2016 in a bid to focus more on apps and notifications.

Apple Watch likely to get widgets with watchOS 10

According to Gurman, Apple has realised that widgets need to return since apps aren't really working. However, he clarified this does not imply the company is planning to bring back Glances to Apple Watch. Instead, the smartwatch will run a new system.

Notably, the newfangled system will be a medley of Glances and the widgets system that Apple introduced to the iPhone with iOS 14. Users will be able to scroll through a wide range of widgets for stock tickers, weather, activity tracking, and more. In other words, they won't need to launch apps.

Furthermore, Gurman says the new interface will resemble the Siri watch face, which was introduced in watchOS 4. Aside from this, it will be reminiscent of widget stacks. To those unaware, widget stacks is a feature in iPadOS and iOS that allow users to pile multiple widgets into one and go through them one by one.

It will be interesting to see what the watch's buttons will do with the arrival of this new interface. At the moment, you can summon the home screen by pressing the Digital Crown. Gurman suggests it might now come in handy for opening up widgets instead.

Other big changes coming to Apple Watch

Gurman believes Apple's decision to reinvent widgets with its next generation of watchOS is a sign that apps don't work on a small screen. He also points out that the Watch App Store gets less than 1 per cent of the 101 million users in Europe who access the iOS App Store each month.

The renowned leaker claims people do not want apps on watches. Instead, Gurman suggests users want "as much information as possible with the least amount of poking around." The Cupertino-based tech giant is expected to bring notable changes to its upcoming Apple Watch series. Earlier this year, Apple secured a patent for Apple Watch NFC tech.

This tech reportedly helps the company to check whether the consumer is wearing an official Apple band. The addition of widgets may be a culture shock to those who have been using the existing Apple Watch UI. So, Gurman suggests Apple might even consider making the new UI optional at first.

He does not expect major hardware changes in the 2023 Apple Watch, given that the company already introduced a new Watch Ultra, an improved Watch SE along with the Watch 8 in 2022. So, it is safe to say that watchOS 10 will be the biggest change coming to the Apple Watch this year. Notably, the company might give us a glimpse into the upcoming operating system at the WWDC 2023, which is slated to take place at Apple Park on June 5.

Apple will reportedly announce the latest versions of software updates for Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone, and other Apple devices at the event. Amid the lack of official confirmation, an earlier report suggests the much-awaited Apple Watch Series 9 will be released on September 6 or 12. However, the tech behemoth has neither confirmed nor denied this speculation yet.