Xbox One backward compatibility
Xbox One users will be able to enjoy Xbox 360 games on their consoles Microsoft

The new Xbox One Experience that would introduce the Xbox 360 backwards compatibility feature will begin rolling out on 12 November. The update enhances the user interface of Xbox One consoles and incorporates a host of improvements.

Xbox One users, awaiting to try out the Xbox 360 backwards compatibility feature, need to keep in mind a few aspects before exploring the update. Check out the details below:

Phased roll-out: The new Xbox One Experience would begin rolling out from 12.01am PT (8am GMT). However, fans will only be able to use the backwards compatibility feature after 12pm PT. Moreover, since Microsoft will be rolling out the feature in a phased manner, the Xbox One Experience would reach users depending on the timezone they are situated in.

Playing Xbox 360 games: Post 12pm PT, users will have to refresh their game database on the Xbox One console. After the refresh, you would notice a list of all pre-ordered Xbox 360 backwards compatible games, as well as the current list of available titles. Click here to see the first list of confirmed Xbox 360 backwards compatible games.

How to manually activate the new Xbox One Experience:

Xbox One consoles, in the Instant-on power mode: Instant-on power mode can be switched-on by navigating to Settings > Power > Startup. The new Xbox One Experience will automatically download in the background, after you place your console in the Connected Standby mode. The update will take place depending of the timezone the user is situated in.

Xbox One consoles in Energy Saving mode: If you have placed your gaming unit in the Energy Saving mode, a manual download will be required to install the new Xbox One Experience. This can be initiated as follows:

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Select System
  • Initiate a search (for new system updates), once in System
  • If new updates are available, click "Update Now"