Xbox One Review - Kinect 2.0

Standalone Xbox One Kinect cameras will cost £129.99 in the UK and go on sale on 7 October.

Microsoft confirmed the news to having laid out its US launch plans for the solo Kinect. In North America, the device will also go on sale on 7 October.

On both sides of the pond, the device will be packaged with a copy of Harmonix dance game Dance Central Spotlight.

In June, Microsoft removed the need for a Kinect device from its console with the release of Xbox One SKUs without the camera included. A console without the device currently costs £349.99, with the older Kinect SKU coming in at £399.99.

The £50 price difference makes the standalone Kinect's price point hard to chew. The majority of those with Microsoft's console will already own a Kinect and those who bought the console without one are unlikely to drop a three-figure sum on something they could have had for just £50 more.

As Videogamer point out though, there is an alternative: CEX is currently selling Xbox One Kinect's for just £25.