Although the 2019 novel coronavirus outbreak has affected many businesses as well as our everyday life, entertainment platforms became a means of escape for people. With folks stuck indoors due to lockdowns and social distancing, technology made it possible to bridge communication and more. The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are the first major console launches to happen amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Some who were able to preorder theirs have received their units, while others can check with local retailers for availability.

In an effort to curb the transmission of SARS-CoV-2, consumers are encouraged to purchase their game systems online. In fact, Microsoft appears to be prioritising preorders for now given the shipment issues brought about by the health crisis. Sources, on the other hand, claim some outlets will receive more inventory in the coming days, which is probably why some people are still lining up outside some stores.

On launch day, there were individuals spotted outside of a GameStop in Greenfield, Wisconsin who were apparently hoping to purchase the Xbox Series X. With preorder slots quickly snapped up by eager gamers, others had no choice but to check with their local retailers. According to CBS58, Mark Ramsay, one of the customers who waited outside an establishment said: "The bots bought everything online, so store versions -- you know, in-store, brick and mortar -- you're online getting five and six [units] everywhere, so you got to do what you got to do."

Unlike the Xbox Series X, there seem to be some outlets that still have stocks of the Xbox Series S. While it is technically considered as a next-generation machine, its performance is several tiers lower than its flagship counterpart. In contrast, Sony is offering two versions of the PS5 and both have matching capabilities. The only exception is the lack of a Blu-ray drive for the Digital Edition.

With retailers keeping information about when restocks are arriving away from the public, many suggest to regularly monitor official store pages online. Gamers in the United Kingdom can check Amazon, Currys, Very, Argos, Box, BT, John Lewis, and Microsoft. Another option would be to purchase accessories such as the new Xbox wireless controller, Xbox Series X SSD expansion cards, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions.

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