Xiaomi will unveil a connected weighing scales on 31 March as it continues to bolster its eco-system of smart devices.

Xiaomi, the Chinese internet company best known for its smartphones, is due to celebrate its fifth birthday on Monday, 6 April, and to mark the occasion the company will launch a range of new products in Beijing on Tuesday, 31 March.

Ahead of the launch however, one of those products has leaked, with images appearing online of a connected weighing scales which will feature the company's Mi branding.

Chinese website MyDrivers.com has posted images of the weighing scales which features an LED panel on the front and is powered by 4 AAA batteries.

Xiaomi smart weighing scales
The LED panel on the front of the Xiaomi smart weighing scales MyDrivers.com

The device is part of Xiaomi's plan to create an eco-system of products with the smartphones at its heart. The company already sells a number of connected products including a budget fitness tracker and an air purifier.

Connected eco-system

There are already a number of connected weighing scales on the market, including products from fitness-orientated companies Fitbit and Withings as well as weighing scales from fellow Chinese company Meizu which was manufactured in partnership with Haier.

Xiaomi has been teasing its fans on its forums for the past week ahead of Tuesday's announcement, with the most recent teaser image seeming to confirm the launch of a weighing scales.

The weighing scales will work with Xiaomi's Home app which will allow you to track your weight as well as your activity through the Mi Band tracker.

Along with the launch of the connected scales, reports suggest Xiaomi could be getting ready to launch its first smartwatch, a mid-range smartphone codenamed Ferrari, a larger Mi Pad tablet and even its flagship Mi 5 smartphone.

IBTimes UK will be covering the Xiaomi announcements from 6am (GMT) on Tuesday, 31 March.