Xiaomi's new budget smartphone Mi 4i, turned out to be worth its price at least in terms of battery life, suggest tests.

The extensive battery tests conducted by GSMArena covering different aspects from talk time to endurance used the Balance mode throughout, but also switched to Performance mode, with the outcome remaining marginal.

For the uninitiated, when Mi 4i is in the Performance mode, the display brightness is high. This mode is for watching videos and playing games, activities which consume more power. The Balance mode, on the other hand, is used to save battery with the display brightness being around 50%.

The 3G talk time test showed the Mi 4i lasting for an admirable 21 hours.

In the browsing test, the MIUI browser did not crash even once during the test and bundled a noticeable performance boost. The Mi 4i stayed for up to eight and half hours in the web browsing test.

As for the video playback test, the handset showed it is capable of integrated video playing with an equally good playback endurance. It ran for a little more than 10 hours in the video test.

In terms of standby performance, the battery of the smartphone drained out after staying for a few hours more than nine days with a single SIM, but while on dual-SIM, it ran for seven and a half days.

The smartphone scored 64 hours in the endurance rating, offering battery usage for two and a half days when used for one hour each for calling, internet browsing and watching videos. But with one SIM card, the phone can do three hours (with 67 hours endurance) more than when it is on two SIMs.