A surveillance video captured the horrifying moment when a Florida sheriff's deputy shot his ex-girlfriend with a service pistol before taking his own life. The incident is said to have taken place on 12 October, three weeks after they broke up.

According to police documents, Deputy Michael DeMarco waited in his patrol car in sheriff's uniform to confront his ex-girlfriend Yuly Solano, who was walking her dog Coco in her complex parking lot, the Palm Beach Post reported.

Among the videos released by the Boynton Beach police on Friday (1 December), are two surveillance videos taken from different angles.

In one video, which is one minute and 10 seconds long, Solano can be seen walking her dog through a parking lot near north of Gateway Boulevard.

DeMarco can be seen getting out of the car before the two walk side by side out of the frame.

When the two reappear in the frame, Solano can be seen backing away, holding her hand to her face in fear while DeMarco can be seen raising the gun and pointing it towards her.

The footage then jumps to Solano and DeMarco on the ground. The dog then jumps on DeMarco's body and the video ends.

The area police were cited as saying that they had received the video with the skips and they had not edited anything.

In the second video which is 22 seconds long, DeMarco can be seen approaching Solano with his gun out. Just moments before he opened fire, he said, "You treat me worse than a dog," the documents stated.

DeMarco shot Solano several times before he shot himself in his chest and head.

When police arrived at the scene, they found DeMarco dead, but Solano who was lying four feet away "screamed in pain and fear". Solano remains in the intensive care unit of a hospital.

Her daughter, Aryana Solano, set up a GoFundMe page seeking donations for her mother's treatment. According to Aryana, her mother was shot four times during the incident and she needs several surgeries.

According to reports, DeMarco had harassed Solano through emails and kept calling her even after they broke up.

The break-up is ascribed to Solano allegedly feeling that DeMarco was racist and possessive.

DeMarco had earlier also reportedly filed a civil lawsuit against her claiming money for furniture as he did not want "to have another man sleep on the mattress that he purchased for them".

Solano, who is now slowly recovering, said she was planning to sue the condominium association where the shooting took place, the Daily Mail reported.

She also stated that she had asked for protection and begged the association to put DeMarco on notice. She believed that DeMarco was mentally unstable and knew that he was armed. She said she feared for her own and her daughter's safety.

Solano alleged that the representatives of the association did not act or report her fears to the police as legally required.