You Will Soon be Able to Buy Windows Tablets for as Low as $65
You Will Soon be Able to Buy Windows Tablets for as Low as $65 Reuters

You will soon be able to buy Microsoft Windows tablets at ultra low cost prices starting from $65 (£42). You may wonder about what technical-specifications to expect in the lower than the lowest priced Windows tablet. But rest assured that you will be purchasing a tablet with pretty decent technical specifications.

The $65 tablet running Microsoft Windows operating system was recently shown-off in a trade show in Hong Kong.

The tablet called Emdoor EM-I8170 costs 399 Yuan in Hong Kong which translates to £42 in British currency, and $65 in American currency.

Key technical specifications of the $65 Emdoor Windows tablet:

  • 7-inch screen
  • Full version Windows operating system; out of the box
  • Quad-core Intel Z3735G By-Trail processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 16GB fixed internal storage

On paper, the above tech-specs seem pretty decent, considering the $65 price-tag that the Emdoor EM-I8170 'ultra-cheap' Windows is expected to have when it hits countries like the United States and United Kingdom.

Considering the fact that mobile products such as the £26 ($42) smartphone generate curiosity among first-time buyers, the $65 Windows Tablet could just turn out to be an unexpected hit when it is launched in more countries apart from Hong Kong and the United States.