In our ultra-fast, ultra-connected modern world, creating a healthy work-life balance is almost impossible. Our phones keep us constantly connected to our work, meaning that anyone can reach us during our downtime and snap us out of relaxation mode. Often, giving your all to your work leads to compromises in your personal life which makes striking a true balance between the two worlds challenging. We reached out to Zhi Ko and Kamil Misztal, two leading public figures within their industry, to get their advice on how to strike the perfect work-life balance while still achieving your goals.

Zhi Ko & Kamil Misztal
Zhi Ko & Kamil Misztal Zhi Ko & Kamil Misztal

As the co-owner of the e-sports gaming organization Radiance Gaming, and CEO of NekozTek, he is recognized as a gaming industry mogul. Zhi Ko has been a formative force in transforming the ecosystem of the gaming community into one that is inclusive and tolerant. Outside of the gaming industry, Zhi Ko is also the CEO and co-founder of the micro-investment app Coindust. A rising authority within the world of cryptocurrency, Kamil Misztal is the owner of a successful Chicago-based THC/CBD brand. An eclectic entrepreneur Kamil Misztal has also made a notable name for himself within the film industry, having directed the Netflix original series; The Mire.

Zhi Ko and Kamil Misztal agree that as challenging as it is to strike the perfect work-life balance, it is an issue that is always worth resolving. Zhi Ko says, "An unbalanced work-life will always have an expiry date, if you don't keep both sides of your life balanced then sooner or later everything topples down." Kamil Misztal shares that there is an easy first step that you can take toward balancing your work and personal life, he says, "Learn to say 'no', saying no to work commitments that comprise your downtime can seem challenging at first but it's an incredibly important part of protecting your free-time so that you have a chance to recharge." Zhi Ko believes that we can prioritize our time without comprising our goals, he says, "Create a schedule, make sure that it is a balanced agenda that gives an appropriate amount of time to both your work commitments and your downtime."

As challenging as striking the perfect work-life balance can seem, Zhi Ko and Kamil Misztal believe that with just a few changes to your lifestyle, it can be done and you needn't compromise your goals to achieve it.