Adele nearly suffered a 'Skyfall' of her own as she tripped on her gown during her Brisbane concert.

The 28-year-old was opening her Saturday night show, singing Hello when she attempted to run up a set of stairs in her new gown.

The Zuhair Murad Fall 2015 haute couture burgundy tuelle gown features a long train and as she stumbled the usually flawless singer hit a 'dodgy note'.

The Grammy award winner acknowledged the near-miss saying: "I don't know if you saw, but after you did your marvelous sing along to the Hello chorus, I nearly tripped up those stairs did you see me, Oh My God!'

"I've never worn a dress like this," she explained. "I'm basically celebrating Beauty and the Beast coming out... but I forgot to lift it up and tried to run up and nearly fell over," she confessed.

"I'm sure you heard my dodgy note afterwards, I f*****g s**t myself", she added prompting laughter from the audience. "You also haven't got your face on a 40 foot high screen in front of this many people."

Fans turned to social media to applaud the star for her good humour.

Adele has been in Australia for the past week, receiving rave media reviews for her live gigs. The mother-of-one will perform a second show in Brisbane on Sunday night, before heading to Sydney for concerts on March 10 and 11.