Prior to Apple's last two hardware reveals, the tech industry was abuzz with talks about the AirPods Studio. Unlike the brand's true-wireless offerings, it is supposedly a more traditional on-ear or over-ear model with Bluetooth connectivity. However, despite hints that the headphones were ready to launch in 2020, it appears some issues arose during testing which led to its delay. Nonetheless, sources claim that it might debut alongside several other audio products in 2021 instead.

Its clear that aside from its smartphones, smartwatches, and computers, Apple is dominating the wireless audio market with its AirPods which was soon followed by the Pro version which touted active noise cancelling (ANC) as its best feature. However, there are some consumers who prefer the comfort offered by regular headphones. As such, the manufacturer might be missing out on potential sales from these folks. This is where the AirPods Studio comes in.

A report from GSMArena reveals the reason as to why its launch was moved next year. A few months ago, supply chain insiders pointed out that Apple presented a concept wherein the headband of the AirPods Studio would be interchangeable. Nevertheless, it seems this is no longer the case as designs were reportedly reworked, as this is what might have pushed its engineers to drop it in favour of something else.

During its internal product testing phase, most complained about the headband being too tight. Given that it will be worn for long periods at a time, proper ergonomics is a must. The earpads, on the other hand, will remain swappable, while the touch-sensitive control area on the outer housing is now purportedly smaller than before. So far, that's it for the AirPods Studio, but new details about the AirPods Pro and AirPods have likewise surfaced.

Although the third-generation AirPods will retain its overall aesthetics, it will receive a battery life upgrade. Those hoping for ANC are not getting it yet as it remains exclusive on the AirPods Pro. As for the latter, Apple is allegedly removing the stem -- an iconic design element of the lineup – and going for a rounder look this time around. For now, these remain speculations and should be taken with a pinch of salt.

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