Remedy Entertainment are hopeful they can resurrect plans for an Alan Wake sequel following their work on Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break. Creative director Sam Lake revealed as much in an interview with Polygon, even sharing over ten minutes of prototype footage of Alan Wake 2.

"For Alan Wake, from the get-go, we assumed there was going to be a sequel and we mapped things further out when it came to character, story, details and focus changes," said Lake. "Near the end of Alan Wake, we were sitting down and talking about the sequel and where we should be taking it, on a detailed level. More or less straight from getting Alan Wake shipped, we were working on a sequel and planning on a sequel."

Remedy pitched the sequel – which included a new mechanic which would allow players to manipulate or "rewrite" the world around them – to a few publishers but it was never picked up and Remedy then moved on to Quantum Break, a time-warping third person shooter.

Polygon published the 13 minutes of prototype footage, can be viewed here.

"We are in a place where we are starting to look into the future and starting to have discussions about what is next," Lake added. "Among other things, we are discussing the possibility of an Alan Wake sequel with multiple partners, but nothing has been decided.

"I would love to do that. It feels that time has only refined the ideas of what the sequel would be, which is great. It's almost, in some ways and on some level, that all of this extra time to think it about it has made it tastier and more exciting."

Quantum Break was recently delayed until 2016. The game once tied closely into the Xbox One's television programming ambitions has been forced to change since Microsoft elected to change tact with their console, which is the likely cause of the game's delay.