Google Android operating system
It looks like Android users may soon be able to transfer video calls between various devices. Pixabay

Android users, rejoice! You may soon be able to transfer video calls between various devices. This purported update will be similar to Apple's Continuity feature.

To those unaware, Apple's Continuity feature allows users to move seamlessly between their devices. For example, you can use your Mac together with your other Apple devices.

Likewise, Samsung's OneUI supports the ability to transfer Voice Calls among a slew of Galaxy devices. Regrettably, it comes with some limitations.

It is worth noting that the feature isn't available in vanilla Android. In other words, the Korean brand developed it under the OneUI skin.

Following in the footsteps of Samsung, American tech giant Google is also developing a similar feature. Notably, the upcoming feature will allow users to continue their video/voice calls over other Android devices.

New useful features coming to Android

A new menu option dubbed Link Your Devices was spotted in Android back in August. The menu comprised a couple of new features that ensure devices running this operating system work seamlessly with each other.

The first feature allows users to transfer voice calls between different devices. The second one enables users to switch the hotspot on one device from another device.

The recently spotted feature in the OS makes Android devices work better together by adding the ability to transfer video calls between different devices.

Google has placed features contained in the Link Your Devices menu under a new category called Device Groups. Also, Android will show a pop-up about these features during the device's set-up process.

The pop-up that sheds light on features that make your devices work better together highlights a new feature called Seamless Video Calls. Apparently, Google will allow users to "see ongoing video calls on other devices and seamlessly move them here".

Transfer video calls from your smartphone to your tablet

So, you will be able to transfer a video call that you received on your Galaxy phone to your Galaxy tablet. However, both devices should have the same Google account.

It will be interesting to see how the feature will work across various video calling/conferencing apps. The folks at 9To5Google suggest the search giant might use the Cross-device SDK to make this feature work.

As a result, apps that support this SDK might be able to offer the ability to transfer video calls to other devices. The new feature was first spotted by @AssembleDebug in the latest beta version of GMS (Google Mobile Services).

These features are not integrated into the OS but are part of CMS. So, Google will be able to offer it to devices running on the latest, as well as older versions of Android via an update to Google Play Services.

If you forget to enable the feature while setting up your phone, you can access the option that makes your Android devices work better together from Settings>Google>Devices and Sharing >Link your devices.

However, details about when Google plans to bring this feature to Android devices are still scarce. Two new features, including Transfer Video Calls, and Share Internet Access have been attached to Link your Device.

While nothing is set in stone yet, some reports suggest that these will be made available on Android Soon. According to a SamMobile report, there is a possibility that the company could release it with Android 15.

Google has used cross-device SDK to develop these features. The tech behemoth has a reputation for using SDK to offer Cross-Device services across Android apps and Chromebooks. So, it will be interesting to see when the feature will be made available to the public.

Google unveiled the latest Android 14 OS alongside the Pixel 8 series at the recently concluded Made by Google 2023 event. Last month, the company even revealed a new 3D logo for Android and updated its mascot.