Another Period
The doctor is in the house Comedy Central

It's that time of the week for Another Period and this Wednesday's episode Servants' Disease spells trouble downstairs at the Bellacourt Manor. A number of the house staff have taken ill with a contagious disease, the effects of which are being felt upstairs.

In episode six of season 2 of the Comedy Central show, Peepers announces that the servants' area needs to be quarantined. "How can you think about dessert at a time like this?" Hortense asks Lillian after she complains about the crème brûlée tasting like snot.

"I just finished my entrée, what else am I supposed to think about?" argues her petite sister.

The elder sister offers to use her Red Cross training to "save those poor souls".

"The only thing I'm interested in saving is the family fortune and my rear virginity for my second marriage," Lillian boasts in reply. However, on hearing that a reporter from the Lookie Loo is around, she decides that this is a chance to get mentioned in the newspaper and volunteers her services as well.

In last week's episode, we saw her try her hand at making a sandwich and going by the disaster that ensued, the servants are in for an even worse time with her playing nurse.

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