Apple is reportedly prepping to adopt a different method for installing apps on iPhones by 2023. This piece of vital information comes from Bloomberg's Mark Gurman.

According to the popular journalist, Apple plans to tweak its iOS to enable iPad and iPhone users to access third-party websites and app stores.

In other words, Apple iPhone and iPad users can download apps from outside the Apple App Store. Notably, the Cupertino-based tech firm has restricted its users from downloading from any third-party source.

To recap, Apple has never supported side-loading apps on iPhones or other devices. On the other hand, Android device users can side-load apps without breaking a sweat via APKs.

So, Apple's decision to let its product users download apps from third-party app stores is one of the most significant changes to iOS. According to the report, this move results from the EU's DMA (Digital Markets Act) rules.

The aforesaid rules apply to digital gatekeepers to avoid monopoly and keep markets open for all companies. Per the press release, the new Regulation is designed to restrict companies that act as gatekeepers from using unfair practices.

This will also lead to an impartial online platform economy. This leaves no choice for Apple but to support side-loading apps and allow third-party app stores.

However, Apple's executives described sideloading as "a cyber criminal's best friend" at Web Summit 2021. Gurman claims the American tech giant will have to give access to Find My network, camera, and the NFC chip.

Aside from this, the company will have to allow access to its devices' new web browsing engines and share other aspects of Apple's software. These updates are likely to debut on iOS 17 in 2023.

According to Gurman, developers might have to shell out money to access iOS with side loading. Apple and other companies will have to comply with the DMA rules by 2024 fully.

The Apple iPhone 14 Pro is seen at the Apple Fifth Avenue store in Manhattan, New York City