iOS 8.3
Apple ceases signing iOS 8.2, iOS 8.3 downgrade no longer possible YouTube

Avid iOS jailbreakers will no longer be able to downgrade iOS 8.3 back to iOS 8.2 or earlier versions, as Apple has stopped signing iOS 8.2 just four weeks after releasing iOS 8.3, reports iPhone Hacks.

It is ascertained that iOS 8.2 cannot be jailbroken as Apple has successfully patched up all vulnerabilities including jailbreak exploits being used by TaiG and PPJailbreak.

Nevertheless, if you face any inherent bugs or broken features with a new iOS release, you could always revert or restore the previous version as long as you have access to Apple-signed firmware.

Apple has a known history of ceasing support for older firmware after fixing all known vulnerabilities used in existing jailbreaks, just to discourage jailbreakers and put them off the track.

Consequently, jailbreakers are advised to stay away from installing the latest updates, if their device is already jailbroken with all necessary Cydia tweaks installed.

On the other hand, it is imperative to install the latest iOS update at the expense of losing jailbreak, if you are too eager to get the latest security enhancements as well as bug-fixes on your device.

Besides, jailbreakers should be wary of installing new jailbreak tweaks as some faulty or incompatible versions could easily render your device unbootable, thereby forcing you to restore your device to the latest Apple-signed firmware.

At the moment, it looks like jailbreak developers are awaiting the release of the next major iOS update before rolling out a working jailbreak, just to prevent Apple from patching up any further exploits that are being reserved for future jailbreaks.