iOS X Concept
A concept so realistic it feels like you can reach out and 3D Touch it. Screenshot

Tired of a fiddly Control Center with limited options on your iPhone? Well it seems you are not the only one, as a concept video showing a litany of improvements for the often-maligned dock is hoping to inspire Apple's designers to retool the iPhone's swipe-up menu.

You can see the video for the cleverly titled iOS X concept in all its innovative glory below. The question is, does Apple have improvements like this in mind for the iPhone 7?

Apple, make it so. YouTube / Sam Beckett

For every impressive, innovative design choice in Apple's iPhone operating system, there are always several that infuriate even the most ardent iPhone-addicts. One complaint levelled at the Cupertino-based company has been its inability to match the simplicity and basic functionality of the stock Android notification bar.

While often dependent on how intrusive the manufacturer's custom operating system happens to be (looking at you Samsung and your less than stellar TouchWiz OS), Android smartphones have often contained, one-touch quick keys for WiFi, Bluetooth, mobile data and crucially, for those desperate moments spent scrambling about in the dark looking for your keys - a torch.

Apple followed suit with the control center with the release of the iOS 7 update in 2013, in a move that actually bettered what Android OS had to offer at the time, partly due to the option fragmentation between the notification bar and widgets prior to Android KitKat 4.4. Now however, the lack of customisable options and limited functionality has caused frustration for some among the Apple faithful and the changes imagined in the concept video, created by visual designer and animator Sam Beckett, could turn the sub-menu battle back in the iPhone's favour.

What do we like about it?

While the interchangeable toggle options and customisable button positioning follows the standard smartphone language we have become accustomed to (a combination of long presses and a tiny edit button), it is the potential integration of Apple's patented 3D Touch feature that really stands out in the concept video. The 3D Touch technology was first introduced in the iPhone 6S range and despite its unfortunate lack of backwards compatibility with older iPhone models, an update that allows owners of the iPhone 6S (or the iPhone 7 and beyond) to access sub-menus via 3D Touch integration could represent the ideal evolution of the iPhone's somewhat stringent Control Center.

iOS 9.3, the latest planned improvement for the iPhone OS, is currently scheduled for public release this Spring after it exits the beta stage, with the next 'big' upgrade, likely a genuine iOS 10 update, hopefully set for a reveal on 21 March at Apple's media event where it is also likely to show off a new, smaller iPhone and an iPad Pro-esque third iteration of the iPad Air family.