Widescreen iPhone 7 Concept
Is this the most impractical concept design for an iPhone ever imagined? Screenshot

Crazy concept videos for Apple's iPhone have been around for as long as the iPhone has existed, but this one might take the cake for being the most outrageously barmy.

This impossibly bizarre concept design for the iPhone 7 would bring advances in curved and flexible displays to a logical (or should that be illogical?) conclusion: a screen that could stretch out to the size of tablet with the click of a button. Marvel at the impossibly impractical creation below:

YouTube / Sonitdac

The amazing video starts off reasonably sanely with a quick peek at what an iPhone might look like if it borrowed the curved edges from its competitor the Samsung S6 Edge, or the recently announced Galaxy S7 Edge. At this point, the concept is actually fairly believable and the mooted prospect of the iPhone's signature silencer and volume keys appearing as touchscreen icons along a curved edge would be an interesting reimagining of the established button set-up we have got used to since Apple entered the mobile phone market in 2007.

Things get a bit surreal immediately afterwards, though, as the screen unravels outwards, leaving the otherwise familiar iPhone design in its widescreen wake.

This part-iPhone, part-iPad Frankenstein-esque creative vision from Sonitdac, which could be confused with a design for a portable cinema screen as opposed to a phone, would apparently be made possible by a quartet of internal carbon fibre arms that would manipulate and expand the flexible display. Although thinking about the practicality of anything in the video past the first 10 seconds is probably not advisable.

In fairness, this is almost certainly not be what the iPhone 7 will look like, but who knows what the future holds for Apple's overwhelming popular iOS device, especially considering that the Cupertino-based company had a patent accepted for "Flexible Electronic Devices" in January 2015. It was not so long ago that the idea of an iPhone phablet was unthinkable, so maybe the future is wide and stretchy for the iPhone 8 or 9?