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New issues reported by users after upgrading to Apple iOS 9.0.2 Reuters

New issues have been discovered within Apple's iOS 9.0.2 OS platform released to iPhone and iPad users across the world. The problems have been reported on the official Apple community and other channels.

As per Forbes, that quotes users of iDevices, the newer issues are:

Issue 1: Touchscreen errors: As per a forum posting on Apple Support, multiple users (predominantly owing the iPhone 5s) have reported that the touchscreen of their handsets failed to correctly register their finger press inputs.

iPhone 5s users have also made it clear that the touchscreen issue does not have anything to do with hardware. However, the touchscreen was also found to register touches when users desisted from touching the screen, thus causing apps to open up intermittently.

"Hard resetting the iPhone will sometimes clear the issue for a few minutes, then it begins again sporadically and intermittently - yet often enough that it is a huge headache to deal with. I can now pretty much only reliably use my phone through Siri, and only then if I can get the phone to unlock from a hard reset," complained an iPhone 5s user after upgrading to iOS 9.0.2.

"I'm having this same problem. iPhone 6 Plus. iOS 9.0.1 worked perfectly, but yesterday I "upgraded" to 9.0.2. Immediately I had touchscreen issues. Re-boot the phone, it works. For a minute. Then the touch screen stops responding again," stated another iPhone 6 Plus user after upgrading to iOS 9.0.2.

Issue 2: Application installation "stuck": Users have reported about applications getting stuck while issuing an "Installing" message. An iPad user says that he even resorted to resetting the tab, cleared pending downloads and also tried installing apps from the iTunes store, but to no avail.

"Just had this same problem. No icon so I couldn't pause or delete the app but I have a fix that doesn't require you to restore or anything. Settings> general>usage>shiw all apps. The stalled apps should show up in this list and you can delete them from there and redownload again," complained yet another user.

Also, users have reported that they tried downloading specific apps (that got "stuck") via iTunes, but could not succeed. This was reportedly done using the same Apple ID.

Issue 3: Game Center drawing a blank: After upgrading to iOS 9.0.2, users (predominately those owning iPad Air 2) have reported that the Game Center drew a blank after upgradation. Selecting the game centre via Settings also reportedly froze the entire app.

" I noticed this issue doesn't show up with iDevices that updated to iOS 9 without going through the beta, it only shows up with my iPhone that was updated to iOS 9 beta, then to iOS 9 official ... it seems something went wrong with the beta phase," stated an iDevice owner (after upgrading to iOS 9). However, another user stated that upgrading to the full version of iOS 9 from iOS 9 beta produced a functional Game Center.

Users of iOS 9.0.2 can let us know about the existence of issues within their iDevices.