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Apple will reveal iOS 9 at WWDC 2015 during a keynote presentation on 8 June Apple

As is annual tradition, Apple will show off its latest iPhone and iPad software at the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco on 8 June.

Although it likely won't be available to download until September or October (to coincide with the launch of a new iPhone), we should get to see a few of iOS 9's highlights during the opening keynote at WWDC. Unlike the quantum aesthetic shift of iOS 7 and 8, iOS 9 is expected to be a fairly low-key affair focusing more on bug fixes and speed improvement over major new features.

But that doesn't mean iOS 9 will be boring; below we've outlined everything we expect to see, based on rumours spreading across the tech gossip sites.

Proactive - a lifestyle management feature

Similar to Google Now, a new app called Proactive is tipped to be a one-stop-shop for keeping our busy lives in check. Replacing Spotlight search, the app will keep an eye on your calendar and email inbox to remind you about events like meetings and upcoming flights. Proactive will pull in data from a range of other apps to provide the right information at the right time. It will learn when you commute and offer up a map at those times of day and estimate how long your commute will take - all very much like Google Now on Android.


Following a path already trod by Healthkit and ResearchKit, HomeKit will include an app called Home which will let iOS 9 control a huge range of connected household elements. Door locks, windows, curtains, CCTV cameras, alarms, lights, thermostats and more will be compatible with HomeKit, which will act as a central tool for iOS devices to communicate with smart home gadgets.

Although Apple isn't expected to build its own smart home gadgets - at least, not yet - third parties already have a framework for creating products to be controlled by the iPhone. However, it isn't yet clear if there will be a dedicated Home app, or if all HomeKit hardware will be controlled through Siri. Perhaps Proactive will lend a hand, switching off lights and heating at the time you always leave for work in the morning.

Maps to get public transport directions

Bus, train, tram and tube directions should finally make their debut on Apple's own Maps application in iOS9, three years after they disappeared along with Apple's partnership with Google.

Also tipped to appear is a new augmented reality feature called Browse Around Me, where holding the phone up will lay points of interest over the view through the rear camera. Point it at a restaurant to see the menu; point it along a street to see information of businesses located there.

Transit directions may be limited to a handful of cities at launch, but we're confident these will include London, as well as some European cities, plus New York and San Francisco.

Force Touch

Expected to be a feature of the new iPhone 6s, due in September, Force Touch support in iOS 9 might be shown off at WWDC. Exported from the Apple Watch and latest MacBook trackpads, Force Touch gives extra gesture by recognising how hard a user presses on the surface. On the Watch, this is used to access hidden menu options; a Force Touch on the text inbox opens the option to send a new message, for example.

Once up and running on the iPhone, expect developers to dream up news ways of interacting with their apps and games.

A new font

Specially designed by Apple for the Watch, the San Francisco font is tipped to be heading to iOS 9 later this year. It will replace Helvetica Neue, which debuted on the iPhone and iPad in 2013 with iOS 7. San Francisco is also believed to be coming to the Mac with OS X 10.11, too.


More of a demand than a prediction based on rumour - Apple might use iOS 9 to bring third-party support to Siri. This would let users interact with non-Apple apps by issuing spoken commands to Siri. You could ask him to read today's news headlines, get directions with Citymapper, or send a tweet.